We offer sample mouldings for framing professionals, photographers… We have over 2,000 moulding samples of different materials and finishes, in addition to all the necessary tools for framing. We make frames and stalls for displays, museums...

Moulding sample book

Mouldings in 24 hours. Order before 11pm and have it the next day in your store. (This service is only available in Spain and Portugal).
We also offer direct delivery, just ask us.

Events and displays

Are you a painter, photographer or association that needs frames for an event or exhibition? We are the leading frame manufacturer in Spain, we offer the best prices by having large-scale production.

If you don't find the moulding you are looking for in our catalogue, please contact us. We'll be happy to provide you with the best solution to your needs. We have over 2,000 samples and we work with many moulding manufacturers.